What It Takes To Run An Animal Hospital

Most of us who have had pets have had experience bringing out cat or dog to the vet for a checkup.  What few people realize is just how similar an animal hospital is to a regular people hospital.  The logistics are very similar though on a smaller scale.  Though smaller, the responsibility of all the staff is just as important and each person plays their part to insure that everything functions smoothly.

Their are many types of jobs that are found in a veterinary office.  The highest position being that of the veterinarian, they are the head of the ship.  Depending on the structure of the office, there may be one senior vet who may own the office and then one or more other vets that work under him or her.  Or possibly the business may be co-owned by several vets who equally share responsibility of guiding the office policies.  Like any business there are numerous structures that can be in place at the top levels.Vet Assistant

There are several other positions that are commonly found in a veterinary office.  These include vet technicians, vet assistants and office assistants.  Depending on how large the office is, their may be a need for an office manager, payroll secretary, or any other staff position you would associate with a large office.

Vet technicians will assist the vet in procedures and examinations.  Performing x-rays, blood and other lab tests, anesthetizing animals before surgery, and any other secondary task that is required.  They play the role of nurse in an animal hospital.  They may also be responsible for preparing and sterilizing surgical tools.

Vet Assistants have many responsibilities, maintaining the cleanliness of the office, making sure examination rooms and animal cages are clean and sterilized.  They also play a role in animal care, making sure animals are properly exercised as well as being the ones who calm a stressed animal before and after a medical procedure or examination.

Office staff perform duties that are universal to any business.  They answer phones, schedule appointments, keep records updated and organized as well as countless other tasks.  The office manager may be responsible for work schedules, payroll, and accounting as well as any other managerial task.

As you can see it take much effort from many different people performing various jobs to keep an animal hospital running.  Without any one of them your animal friends would not receive the same level of care that you are accustomed too.  Go to Careertrove.org to learn more details about these jobs as well as many other careers.